Sunday, January 26, 2014

Learn Thai, Lesson 7: Asking Where Something Is

Let's learn how to ask where something is in Thai

Of course, "where?" is one of the most useful words to know if you are traveling some place that you've never been before, especially in a different country.

The word “where?” in Thai is ที่ไหน thîi nǎi. We can make a question with it by using it together with the verb อยู่ yùu, which means "to be located."

So to ask a question where something is in Thai, just put the name of what you're asking for, then follow by yùu thîi nǎi.

"Where is the...?" = ...อยู่ที่ไหน ...yùu thîi nǎi? 

In Thai we have two words for bathroom, ห้องน้ำ hâwng-náam / สุขา sù-kǎa. 
ห้องน้ำ  hâwng-náam is less formal, and used in spoken language. 
สุขา sù-kǎa is more formal, and used for written language.

So, "Where is the bathroom?" in Thai is ห้องน้ำอยู่ที่ไหน “hâwng-náam yùu thîi nǎi ?"

We can ask about the location of any other place or thing just by changing the first part of the sentence. Some other places that you might want to ask about are:

Thai Names for Common Buildings

Bank = ธนาคาร tà-naa-kaan
Drug store = ร้านขายยา ráan kǎai-yaa
Restaurant = ร้านอาหาร ráan aa-hǎan
Airport = สนามบิน sà–nǎam-bin
Post office = ไปรษณีย์ bprai-sà-nii
Embassy = สถานฑูต sà-thǎan-thûut

I hope you enjoyed the lesson and found it useful!

Sawat-dii kha :)

Easy Thai Expressions Using ไม่...เลย mâi...loei

Let's practice some easy Thai expressions using the pattern ไม่...เลย mâi...loei.

ไม่ mâi means "not," and เลย loei means "at all."

So, we can put an adjective or verb in the middle of the pattern to say " all."

For example:

ชอบ châwp means “to like”


mâi châwp loei
I don’t like it at all.

แพง phaeng means “expensive”


mâi phaeng loei
It’s not expensive at all.

สนุก sà-nùk means “fun/enjoyable”


mâi sà-nùk loei
It’s not fun at all.

What other expressions can you think of using mâi...loei?

Easy Thai Expressions Using มาก mâak

Let's learn some easy expressions using the adverb มาก mâak.

มาก mâak means “very/ a lot”

It can go after any adjective.
For example:

สนุกมาก sà-nùk mâak = “a lot of fun”
แพงมาก phaeng mâak = “very expensive”
ร้อนมาก ráwn mâak = “very hot”
หนาวมาก nǎao mâak = “very cold”

Can you make any other expressions with มาก mâak using the adjectives you know?