Sunday, February 23, 2014

Learn Thai, Lesson 8: Numbers

Learn Thai, Lesson 8: Numbers

Hi everyone!
One important thing to know when you learn new language is numbers, right? So let's learn the Thai numbers in this new video lesson.

Thai numbers are very easy. You will be able to form bigger numbers after you figure out 1 to 10.

The numbers from 1 to 10 in Thai are:

1. หนึ่ง 

2. สอง  sǎwng
3. สาม  sǎam
4. สี่      sìi
5. ห้า    hâa
6. หก    hòk
7. เจ็ด  jèt
8. แปด bpàet
9. เก้า   gâo
10. สิบ sìp

From 11 - 19 just put the unit number before สิบ sìp, except for 11. We say สิบเอ็ด sìp-èt for 11 instead of sìp-nùeng. It's the same for all the numbers ending in a "one" – use เอ็ด èt for the last digit.

For numbers from 20 up to 99 just use this formula:

(tens) + สิบ sìp + (ones)

For example, 37 would be สามสิบเจ็ด sǎam-sìp-jèt.

The only exception is for the 20s. We use the word ยี่สิบ yîi-sìp instead of สองสิบ sǎwng-sìp.

For example, 25 is ยี่สิบห้า yîi-sìp-hâa.

The Thai word for 100 is ร้อย ráwy. To say a number like 200 or 300, just put the number you want in front of ร้อย ráwy.

For example, 600 is หกร้อย hòk-ráwy.

See, Thai numbers are easy!