Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thai lesson: Working Women and Housework!

pûu-yǐng tîi tam-ngaan gèng mák tam ngaan-bâan mâi bpen
A women who doing well at work are most likely not good with house work.

kruu náawi-nàa kít-wâa mâi jìng kâ
Teacher Noinaa think that is not true.
túk-kon kít-wâa yang-ngai ká
What is your opinion everyone?

ผู้หญิง "pûu-yǐng" women
ที่ "tîi" who/that
ทำงาน "tam-ngaan" to work
เก่ง "gèng" good at or skillful 
มัก "mák" often / frequently 
ทำ "tam" to do
งาน "ngaan" work
บ้าน  "bâan" house
งานบ้าน "ngaan-bâan" housework
ไม่ "mâi" no or not
เป็น "bpen" can or be able to

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