Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thai lesson: Looks!

kon tîi kîi-rèe dtaawn dèk mák dtoo kûen maa nâa dtaa-dii
People who are unattractive when their younger, are most likely to be attractive when they are older. 

คน "kon" person / people
ที่ "tîi" who/that
คนที่ "kon-tîi" people who
ขี้เหร่ "kîi-rèe" is unattractive
ตอน "dtaawn" when
เด็ก "dèk"  kid / children/ child 
มัก "mák" often / frequently 
โต "dtoo" grow up
ขึ้น "kûen" a suffix used to indicate "more" or superlative, as in English "er" 
มา "maa" aspect marker indicating past or present perfect tense (continuity from the past)
โตขึ้นมา "dtoo-kûen-maa" grown up 
หน้า "nâa" face
ตา "dtaa" eye
หน้าตา "nâa-dtaa" appearance; looks; features (of the face)
ดี "dii" good
หน้าตาดี "nâa-dtaa-dii" Looks good

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